David Jennings Art in Photography and Poetry

Mark your calendar please!  Book Release date is set! 


WHERE?  Shades of Brown Coffee, Tulsa 3302 S. Peoria, Tulsa OK . 

Will you be able to join me at the book release?  I would love to see you there!

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Cathy McGarrah
12 days ago

So happy for you!

George Jennings
2 months ago

Deborah and I plan to be there and, of coarse, will want an autographed copy.of your book. Looking forward to a cookie and maybe a coffee !!! 😀

Jeff Griffin
2 months ago

Looking forward to it!!!

Shelli Gill
2 months ago

I’m so excited for you…and for all of us who’ll have this book!

Stephanie Ingold
2 months ago

How exciting! Looking forward to getting a copy of your beautiful work!!

Kimberly DeLong
2 months ago

So excited for you! You are inspirational in so many ways. Congratulations! I've got it in my calendar. Wes and I will see you there!

Sandra Kleck
2 months ago

Will be there!

Sarah McBryde
2 months ago

I will plan to be there!

Jenny Palacios
2 months ago

I will be there! Wouldn’t miss it!

Micaela Becerra Felix
2 months ago

David, I honestly thought about making the trip to Tulsa and taking this as an opportunity to visit my friends and colleagues. I realized then, that I will be heading to Berlin the same day to run their marathon. So maybe, I will get you to sign my copy another day when I take a trip to Tulsa to visit old friends.
I don't wish you luck, because you don't need it! Your work is amazing!

Debbie Marsh
2 months ago

Dr. Jennings, Virgil & I are planning on attending. Such captivating photos & thoughts from the heart.....

George Jennings
2 months ago

Deborah and I will plan to attend.

Marianne Leeper
2 months ago

Hi David:
Wish I could be there! But I definitely will buy your book. You have an amazing talent of combining the perfect words with your beautiful pictures.

Jan brown
2 months ago

Can’t wait/ awesome work!

Malinda Reed
2 months ago

I will be there! I am in awe of your talent❤️