David Jennings Art in Photography and Poetry

Books are available online through:  Yorkshire Publishing, Amazon, Books-a-Million.

If you'd like a signed, personalized copy sent directly to you, please message me below with details.  Payment can be made through snail mail or through Venmo!

I welcome your comments/reviews of the book!  Please leave your thoughts below. 

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Randall Duren
6 months ago

Congratulations my friend i love your photos on Facebook i will be folowing you rise in popularity . I know you will go far!!!

Vicky Rentz
9 months ago

Dave! THANK YOU so much for your wonderful email -- I'm so happy it's really you! I will write you back after the Christmas craziness, but didn't want to wait to put in an order for a signed copy of your book -- I can't wait to read it. Actually, I'd love to buy three copies, if that's possible: one for me, one for my friend Rachel (who is also a poet), and one for my friend Lisa (who is a photographer). Let me know how much to Venmo you! And I'll be emailing you very soon & I'll let you know my snail mail address. Thank you and merry Christmas! Vicky

Victoria (Vicky) Rentz
9 months ago

I’m wondering if you are the same poet named David Jennings who had a beautiful poem published in Byline Magazine, a writer’s magazine based in Oklahoma, back in 1993. I had gotten some poems and short stories published in Byline and read it regularly. I loved your poem so much I wrote to Byline and they put me in touch with you, and we exchanged a few letters. Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar, I’m glad to find you and very happy to see you’re still writing!
Happy holidays,
Vicky (vrentz77@gmail.com)

Sue Hughart
11 months ago

If you like Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson or poems about nature and our fleeting lives in general, The Smallest Hint is a poignant collection with wonderful illustrative photography by the author David Jennings. I love it and you will too.

a year ago

This book perfectly ties together the beauty of photography and thoughtfulness of words.

Marianne Leeper
a year ago

A beautiful book filled with wonderful poetry and accompanying lovely photographs. It is a delightful experience!